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Assistance League of Greater Placer

A chapter of the National Assistance League, the Assistance League of Greater Placer is comprised of 214 all-volunteer members who donated 44K service hours and served over 8.100 people in Greater Placer communities last year. Our philanthropic programs include new school clothes for children, tutoring, visitation of seniors, backpacks and school supplies, life skills classes for students and adults, and educational puppet shows on social issues. We raise funds to support our philanthropic programs through our Auburn Thrift Shop, fundraisers, grants, and donations from individuals.

In the Fiscal Year ending May 31, 2020, our accomplishments include:

~ Providing 1,752 children with new clothing and shoes
~ Delivering backpacks, school supplies and dictionaries to 1,678 school children
~ Tutoring 300 children for 326 hours of classroom time
~ Supplying 1,760 teddy bears to hospitals and California Highway Patrol
~ Providing 484 hours of life skills classes for 30 students
~ Awarding $19,763 for community college scholarships
~ Visiting 55 senior care residents for 474 hours
~ Providing 37 people with clothing to re-enter the workforce
~ Helping 57 recipients with unforeseen emergency needs
~ Performing educational puppet shows for 2,344 children

Assistance League of Greater Placer

Nonprofit Organizations

1263 Grass Valley Highway


(530) 885-1982

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