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Brisson Law Group

A local law firm specializing in estate planning, intellectual property, and other business matters. Timothy Brisson is an attorney with a vast range of experience spanning over 20 years. Tim is a registered patent attorney as well as being an inventor himself named on several patents. With a wide range of in-house experience, Tim has worn the hats of General Counsel, General Patent Counsel, and Vice President of Innovation, among others. From managing large patent portfolios to enforcing inventor’s rights through intellectual property litigation, Tim has seen most every type of intellectual property and corporate matter cross his desk at one time or another. Tim took the leap and founded Brisson Law Group as a solo practitioner and decided to devote a portion of his practice to helping those in the local community with estate planning needs, including the creation of wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. Tim serves his community in many ways, including as a substance abuse recovery pastor and as a law enforcement chaplain in the local area. Tim’s experience as a pastor and chaplain make him uniquely qualified to help guide clients through the process of estate planning.

Brisson Law Group

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659 Lincoln Way, Ste 200


(530) 830-2171

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