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Leadership Auburn

Join one of the most sought after programs in all of Auburn, CA! Grow, Connect, Motivate


What is Leadership Auburn?

Once a month, from September through June, members of the Leadership Auburn Class will meet for a session in which important community issues are presented and discussed.  Using lectures, panel discussions, hands-on activities and location visits relevant to the day's focus, participants will gain a deep understanding about the community and the people who are involved with leadership responsibilities.

What is The Time Commitment

The monthly sessions occur from 8AM to 3PM on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Attendance at the two day retreat from the morning of September 16th through the 17th, 2023, in Grass Valley is required.

What Does it Cost?

$950 tuition fee. $475 must be received prior to retreat. Those interested in a tuition discount should apply for the Harvey Roper Award and submit a one-page maximum essay of what you would give back to the community if selected for this honor.  Email the essay to

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Apply Here

Apply Here!

Please complete the application in the spaces provided and return to: Auburn Chamber of Commerce, 1103 High Street, Ste. 100, Auburn, Ca, 95603. The program consists of a required weekend retreat scheduled for September 16th & 17th, 2023 and nine monthly one day classes. To graduate from the program, seven of the nine sessions must be attended. Classes are scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of the month except for November and December, when due to the holidays, the classes are scheduled for the third Wednesday. Tuition is $950.00. 
$475.00 must be received prior to retreat. 

Select an item ($)

​I have reviewed the application and understand the time and financial obligations of Leadership Auburn. Please either remit full payment of the tuition, $950.00, or set up an approved payment plan with the board by Friday, September 8th, 2023. 

If you are applying for the Roper Scholarship, please explain how you would give back to the community if 
selected for this honor. Please see the comments about the Roper Scholarship on this page above this application, then attach your answer in a one page essay response. 

Upload Your One Page Essay Here
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We are excited for you to join us! Please if you uploaded a an essay. It may take a minute for your document to load.

Leadership Auburn Committee
  • Ray Smith, Chair 

  • Carol Guild

  • Marissa Leahy, Secretary

  • Don  Ales 

  • Manouch Shirvanioun

  • Mike Carson, Vice Chair

  • Jackie Weston

  • Peggy  Seitzinger  

  • Gabe Mendez

  • Rick Crowley

  • Honorary Board Members:

    • Stephanie and Bob Snyder 

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